Bodhi Yoga™ Teacher Training Session 3

In Session Three you will learn how to combine yoga poses in a sequence using Bodhi Yoga’s Natural Progression™, progressing from beginning to advanced versions of Asanas (yoga poses).  In addition, discover how to safely approach the practice when injured or use yoga to heal injury and physical limitations in the pose.

Realize in a brand new way, the potential for teaching yoga in ways that honor each student
as an individual, as YOU learn to “think outside the mat” Bodhi Yoga Style!

Let’s take it all a little deeper: Please prepare for this session by viewing Session 3 online classes, making notes to bring great questions and discussion to our in-person session.  You will get the most out of Session Three by pre-reading pages 5-21 and completing the dosha quiz on pages 22-26 (make sure to check all that apply to you, both across and down) as well as reading pages 29, 40-41 and 45-46 in your manual, along with reviewing your Session 3 laminated Yoga Asana sheet. Review the Bodhi Yoga Natural Progression™ to Asana section on pages 47-83 in your manual (keep in mind that you have the acupressure and marma-point reference in the back of Session Three in your manual as well).  Keep a note pad handy, as you work with practicing the hands on adjusting techniques, to review any questions that arise.  Enjoy!

Natural Progression™ Asana, Yoga Sequencing & Hands-on Adjusting​:

YTT Session 3 Example Classes: Ideas for teaching BodhiYin Yoga Restorative classes and other Restorative Classes

BodhiYin Yoga classes are great for helping Vata dosha move heal and restore anxiety, Pitta dosha recover from intense activities, and Kapha dosha gently begin and maintain a healing yoga practice that is always within reach.  

3-05 BodhiYin Yoga Restorative Spring 46-minute online BodhiYin yoga class, to help you Restore and clear out winter congestion awakening, healing, and…

Session 3 Yoga Teacher Training Follow-up:

Once you have completed Session Three of the Bodhi Yoga™ teacher training streaming classes and reading, you will need to complete your Session Three Follow-up and practice teaching feedback forms and place them in the back pocket of your manual, to submit with your certification packet.

Teaching BodhiYin Yoga Restorative:  Using Natural Progression, teach three people a 30-45 minute BodhiYin Yoga Restorative class using for ideas. Try hands-on adjusting students in one of the poses in the practice as well as Savasana.

Read the Compendium Articles (Log hours in your Yoga Philosophy & Ethics table in your YTT Completion Packet)“Yoga and the Strengths of Flexibility” and “The Psychology of Stress” by Syl Carson, in your YTT Manual Compendium.

Read Pages 5-32 (Log hours in your Yoga Philosophy & Ethics table in your YTT Completion Packet): “The Twelve Physiologies of Yoga”.

View the class on “Yoga Chant” in Session 4 (at least one time through) with notes & questions to discuss:

Review Session Four Online Classes at (Log hours in your Yoga Philosophy & Ethics table in your YTT Completion Packet):

Review Session Four pages 9-22in your manual:  Underline/Highlight sections that were meaningful for discussion.

Complete four blogposts: View Session 1 class 1-08 that shows you how to set up your blog.  If you would rather post to Facebook that is fine too, it just needs to link to  Review class 1-08 for understanding the criteria for your post to count toward certification.