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Each Session includes online, streaming yoga teacher training classes with requested reading from your manual or DVD & Media Kit, practice teaching direction and personal yoga study, so you can easily follow along from home.

    Breath, Bone & Gesture”
    Introduction to the foundations of yoga.

     – history of yoga
     – teaching pranayama breath practices
     – understanding structural alignment
     – evolving your bandhas 
     – foundations of ASANA
     – sequencing a practice
     – teaching beginner’s classes
     – inspired teaching with Bodhi Yoga™
    Anatomy of a Yoga Class”
    Designing  your yoga classes & practice

    – anatomy of movement
     – twelve systems of yoga anatomy
     – seven tissues of the body 
     – yoga in context: styling your classes
     – teaching different types of classes 
     – BodhiFlow vinyasa 
     – BodhiYin restorative yoga
     – BodhiSpin chakra energy healing yoga
     “Ayurveda, Partner Yoga Hands-On Adjusting
    & Natural Progression Asana™”

     – wisdom of ayurveda
     – yoga for the Doshas
     – ayurveda & marma points

     – acupressure for healing & deepening
     – Natural Progression ASANA
     – teaching self-adjustments
     – partner Yoga Hands-on Adjusting
     – yoga therapies for working with injury 
    “Discovering Your Voice
    in the Language of Movement”

    – the emotions of yoga movement
    – structures of Sanskrit in yoga
    – traditional yoga chant
    – teaching the language of movement
    – dharma of becoming a yoga teacher
    – Patanjali and the 8-limbed path
    – yoga sutras

    “Charting Your Course
    for Yoga Practice & Teaching”

    – energy healing aspects of yoga
    – intuitive teaching & yoga practice
    – teaching meditation
    – guiding yoga nidra & relaxation
    – embracing your life-long practice
    – developing your own curriculum
    – yoga diet, nutrition & cleansing
    – teaching specialized classes: chakras & yoga, BodhiKids™, pre-natal & adaptive yoga therapies 


After seven years of weekly yoga classes in the scattered energy of gym environment, I realized I was ready for the constancy and focused influenced of a real yoga studio. Bodhi yoga has given me tools and insight, not only expanding and advancing yoga abilities but taking me to new and powerful heights in my ability and willingness to move through everyday life with greater grace, gratitude and confidence.  This Bodhi Yoga offering will give you tools and expert guidance in accessing the fullness of YOU!!!

Michael Murrow, Hilo Hawaii