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Your top 5 reasons to choose Bodhi Yoga’s Teacher Training:

    Each session will include 4-5 discussion classes and 5-10 Asana Classes with Syl and students from Bodhi Yoga’s in-person teacher certification. You will not only learn the individual yoga poses, but how to intelligently practice and teach the wisdom and power of yoga.

    Each class in sessions one-five include: yoga philosophy discussion, yoga pose benefits, instruction, modifications, complimentary poses, sequencing, and moving from the beginning version to more advanced layers in the pose.  Each class video segment has instructions on pre-reading, follow-up and complimentary goyogaonline classes.  As you take your training class-by-class from your initial: Welcome “OM” class, to your final chant and “Namaste” class,  you will enjoy a simply enlightening, step-by-step experience.

    One of the most comprehensive yoga manuals available; whether you choose to teach yoga, or simply immerse yourself it it’s transformative wisdom and power.

    108 pages of yoga poses alone, (with tips for sequencing, health benefits, anatomy, dosha effect, modifications, contraindications); as well as, over 300 variations of your 108 basic asana pages.  Learn how yoga poses lace together to make an inspired tapestry in your teaching and personal practice; including class templates for teaching students, yoga philosophies written in an applicable way for today, and so much more that you will refer back to again and again, as you embark on  a life-long, enriching journey with yoga.

    Bodhi Yoga Founder, (the author-illustrator) leads a quarterly 2-hour webinar for enrollees. You will join in on inspiring discussion, Q & A, and make connections with other participants and graduates.

    While you are completing your online yoga teacher training, you may submit questions and discussion subjects, with monthly email replies from Syl and Bodhi Yoga teachers, to help you feel centered and supported on your path.

    Should you ever find your way to Bodhi Yoga in-person, you may join Bodhi Yoga’s Teacher Training for FREE (as you have already paid your tuition online and receive the same qualifications to teach as you would in the in-person certification).  A beautiful offering available to YOU!

    You receive the same certification and qualification to teach yoga that you do when you complete this training in person.

    In addition to your certification classes, you enjoy access to all gobodhiyoga.com member content classes.  You will have 18-months from your enrollment date to complete your certification and follow-up requirements, following which, you will be qualified to join gobodhiyoga.com at the Bodhi Yoga Instructor level, where you will have continued access to all current Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training and gobodhiyoga.com classes.  So following your 18-months, you will receive ongoing support, as we update and add content, for as long as you would like to enjoy full access to this program and all class content, for only $19.95/mo.


I just want to say, as far as the manual goes, that I feel far more prepared to teach from this, than I did when I left with my teacher certification to teach school, in college, so thank you.”

Amy Jo Johnson, St. George Utah