BodhiYin Yoga Root Charka Restorative Practice

48-minute BodhiYin Yoga Restorative practice for a healthy and happy Root Chakra 1.  Syl leads you through  Root Chakra practice, guiding you from Root support to Sacral flowing, as she moves you through the holographic grounding nature of all your chakras.

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I recommend that you follow along Root Chakra 1 yoga segments in your 300-page FULL COLOR Chakra Therapy Manual Root Chakra 1 , with overall yoga practice pictured on page 66; as well as your Root Center 1 cards in your Bodhi Yoga Chakra Deck™.

If you are NOT ALREADY enrolled in 7 Chakras Mind & Body Online Training:

I highly recommend you consider enrolling in this life-changing online program, with more FREE classes for enrollees loaded up to our PRIVATE FaceBook page for those participating in the FULL Chakra experience now at: