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In Good Taste: Perpetually Rotating Ayurvedic Video Blog

DAILY JUICING:  Sweet veggie juice includes the beneficial nutrients to motivate you to juice daily. 13-min

ORGANIC HUMMUS: Use as a dip, in sandwich wraps and more with an Ayurvedic approach. 10-min

MAKING GHEE: Learn the ancient art of making Ghee, to use as a healthy oil with a buttery flavor. 25-min

IMMUNE-BOOST ORGANIC WASSAIL: A perfect way to sooth your immune system into a healthy transition within the season’s change. 26-min

MISO SHIITAKE SOUP: An excellent soup for detoxing or rebuilding your immune system, that tastes rich and amazing. Available December through February. 25-min

BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP:Autumn-Winter soups are hearty, to increase our need for Kapha and balance Autumn-Winter. Available August through February. 30-min

SWEET AND SPICEY CHILI: A delicious vegan chili that will not aggravate your Vata (no gas). Use this recipe for a lovely dinner or in wraps for a health lunch. VIEW NOW

CITRUS CILANTRO GUACAMOLE: A flavorful dip, salad dressing, or spread for your wraps, this will become a fast and healthy favorite. Syl shares the Ayurvedic aspect of this wonderful food. Coming Soon! 10-min

Enjoy these healthy, tasty classes during this holiday season!

ORGANIC HOLIDAY DRESSING:with out the animal fats. Learn the nutritional dharma of herbs and spices. AVAILABLE each November-January 5th. 16-min

HEALING HOLIDAY MASHED POTATOES: Learn to make tasty mashed potatoes with an Ayurvedic flare and honoring your digestion’s dharma. AVAILABLE each November-January 5th. 7-min

Enjoy these Spring-Summer recipes through August 2014!

SPRING-SUMMER SMOOTHIE: A natural way to move into healthy eating, while satisfying the sweet-tooth. 10-min

ORGANIC SUMMER COLLARD WRAP: A healthy lunch or afternoon snack on a hot day that includes healthy ingredients that reduce summer inflammation. Our Pesto is perfect in our Summer Wraps.

SPRING-SUMMER ARTICHOKES: Your Basil Vegan Pesto will be the perfect compliment to this mediterranean take on fresh, in-season artichokes. 6-min

ORGANIC VEGAN PESTO: Spring is about to bloom, and Pesto is a great way to support the shift and changes in the barometric pressure, that can lead to sickness and inflammation. Our Pesto is perfect in wraps, on pasta. Coming Soon!