Seasons of  Your Practice:  Four seasonal yoga workshops rotate, with the time of year, to support the rhythms of your life.  Information is shared on how to approach the energy of your yoga practice, maintain good seasonal health. Autumn-Winter, Winter-Spring, Spring-Summer, Summer-Autumn

Intro to Ayurveda:  The medicinal system of yoga, Ayurveda teaches you to recognize your physical, mental, spiritual temperament-called your “dosha”.  Learn to incorporate diet, choose the right yoga practices, heal doshic imbalances.  Ayurveda helps you live a more awakened life, as you discover renewal in maintaining: good mental health, spiritual centering and physical vitality.

7 Chakras Mind & Body:  Intro-Crown, rotating segments through the year, that teach you about the 7 Chakras your Mind & Body.  Learn too see the individuality of your own chakras, as well as how they work together, all 7 Chakras as ONE.  The Chakras come from the traditions of yoga, so it’s only natural to include them here in your online yoga membership. Fun, inspiring and profound, all at the same time.

Vastu Yoga of Dwelling:  Using the “yoga for your dwelling”, you find the sacred code to align your physical surroundings with the mind-body abundance that comes from practicing yoga.  Learn the art of bringing the everyday sacred into your surroundings.  Inspired support for creating a healthy flow of prana (life-force), in your home, work, event space and more.