In Person Bodhi Yoga Classes

To ensure healthy spacing in our Bodhi Yoga Center, in-person classes are currently open
only to current Bodhi Yoga™ Monthly Membership Students and special classes for 
Bodhi Certification enrollees and graduates. 

At Bodhi Yoga™ taking care of each other is not new to us:   Because Founding-Director Syl Carson has recovered from cancer and is immunosuppressed, we have been honoring public health measures since we became Utah Valley’s FIRST Yoga Studio nearly 25 years ago (with free mats and map wipes, hand sanitizer and airwave ultraviolet light HVAC purification system).

If you are not ready to join in person, our weekly classes also stream live.  Contact Syl by text at 801-372-5755 to check in on availability of that option.

All Bodhi Yoga Certifications
are open to the public!

simply text Syl Carson, Bodhi Yoga’s Founding Director, at 801-372-5755 
about enrolling in one of our FIVE Certification Programs,
or becoming a regular monthly member of Bodhi Yoga™

The Bodhi Yoga Class
In addition to over 400 online yoga, meditation, adaptive yoga therapies,
healers classes and certifications, we offer three styles of practice 
to help body, mind, and spirit thrive:

BodhiYin Yoga 

BodhiFlow Vinyasa


Discover the power in your passive stretch, unwinding through layers of relaxing into your yoga. Move through stillness with yoga bolsters, props and a variety of yoga breath techniques, called pranayama. This practice fosters deep rest and renewal as you re-pattern tightness and stress from your body.  Letting go and allowing time to be on your side, making lasting changes in your immunity and vitality.
BodhiFlow Vinyasa evolution class uses time-under-tension with slow, deep, steady movements.  We begin gently, and in no time, you’ll begin to play with the bead of sweat that rolls up and down your forehead, as you rock your way through this workout.  Following the four-tiers of the BodhiFlow, learn Bodhi Yoga’s Natural Progression approach to asana sequencing and advance your stamina and strength.
BodhiSpin is great for when life gets you off balance, you need a boost in your energy, emotional well-being and alignment. Awakening the connection through your seven chakra centers, BodhiSpin yoga class increases your energy-flow. A great option when you’ve had to much stress, that seems to leave you feeling frustrated, or disconnected. BodhiSpin will increase your Prana and help you feel like yourself again.


Currently, we are offering one weekly in-person class to existing members (also streaming live) with a regular public Bodhi Yoga class schedule returning throughout 2022.  Bodhi Yoga™ Founding-Director Syl Carson is busy leading enrollees through our beautiful Certifications and currently focusing her energy with students enrolling in and completing their certification requirements.


BodhiYin Yoga Restorative 
9-10:15 am every Monday Morning (Taught by Founding-Director Syl Carson)

Still curious?

Feel free to browse our over 400 online yoga, meditation, adaptive yoga therapies, Ayurvedic cooking, healer’s classes, and certifications!

Syl also hosts a variety of public Soul Weather™ events, Yoga Nidra and Merkaba Meditations, Group Labyrinth events, and Chakra workshops throughout the year. 

Our Certification programs are humming right along and chuck-full of amazing humans of all body shapes, ages, and abilities!  Check out the Yoga Teacher Training In-depth Immersion by clicking HERE

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