7 Chakras Mind & Body Session 2

Discover how your chakras work within each other to create a hologram, which reflects through your whole life.  When you learn to align in one area, you’ll finally understand the ripple effects for both your abundant potential and your challenges. Time to design a more aligned and wonderful life!

Your Holographic Chakras & Chakra Yoga Practice for Integrating Where the Spirals Meet:

Chakra Therapy Certification Program Session Two Follow-up:

Read each of the 49 sections on your holographic chakra-in-chakra philosophies and therapies in your manual. Begin working with the therapies that speak to you and making notes in your Session Two follow-up packet. If you are interested, purchase your Bodhi Yoga Chakra Therapy Deck, draw your first card, and begin using it along with your chakra-in-chakra sections in your manual. Complete Session Two’s follow-up forms in your Chakra Therapy Certification packet.