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Discover the origins of your Seven Chakras

Syl teaches you about the chakras with a level of skill and context that you will not find anywhere else!  You will learn the four pillars of chakra alignment, essential oils for each pillar, gemstone therapy, how to clear your blocks and break free of past limitations to your mind, body, spirit!

Session One Classes 1-4:  The hidden wisdom in your Chakra Matrix

1-WHERE YOUR SPIRALS MEET:  a whole NEW understanding of what your chakras are for this modern day moment.

2-TRUTH ENCIRCLED INTO ONE WHOLE  : Learn hidden wisdom of chakra origins that transforms your modern day chakra knowledge.

 3-HOW YOUR CHAKRAS WORK AS ONE: Discover the way your chakras interact with each other, in their desire to help you evolve and grow.

4-YOUR TWO CHAKRA PATHS: Discover the difference between how you use your chakras to manifest vs. allow

Session Two Classes 5-12:  Your 7 Chakras Mind & Body – A NEW perspective on your Chakras

5-THE FOUR ASPECTS OF CHAKRA ALIGNMENT: Syl moves you beyond simple chakra balancing with these four pillars of chakra work.

6-YOUR ROOT CHAKRA 1: Clear self-sabotage and survival, health, money issues and stabilize your life’s foundations-potentials.

7-YOUR SACRAL CHAKRA 2: Create a much healthier flow, emotionally, creativity, healthy sexuality-fertility, nurturing and sentience.

8-YOUR SOLAR CHAKRA 3: Empower better physical and energetic metabolism, personal drives, and ability to accomplish desires.

9-YOUR HEART CHAKRA 3: Embrace improved openhearted relationships, ability to love and be loved, within overall life balance.

10-YOUR THROAT CHAKRA 5: Clear your own corruption, release your false narratives, hold your truth, direct your life free of other’s projections.

11-YOUR BROW CHAKRA 6: Increase intuition, focus and vision, by breaking free from distorted assumptions and limiting patterns.

12-YOUR CROWN CHAKRA 7: Align your intentions with your Divine Potentials, bringing your dreams into alignment with your reality.

Your Chakras and the Seasonal Planetary Cycles

13-HOW TO USE YOUR CHAKRA DECK: Putting your deck in order gives you a masterful understanding of chakras.

13-THE CYCLES OF THE MOON AND YOUR CHAKRAS: Learn to use the monthly moon cycles to awaken potentials and align your chakras.

14-INTRODUCTION TO YOUR NATAL CHART: Syl introduces you to following seasonal planetary Soul Weather™ patterns which affect your energy body.

15-UNDERSTANDING YOUR OWN ASTROLOGICAL CHAKRA MATRIX:  Understand the writing in the Heavens, which helps show you your own personal chakra alignment paths.

 Not enrolled in the Soul Weather™ training yet?  Check out this wonderful compliment to your Chakra work by clicking here!

7 Chakras Mind & Body Follow-up

Read pages 1-28 in your manual, follow by reviewing the first six pages of each primary chakra center in your manual.  Color your chakras in any way you choose on page 29 of your manual.  Complete Session One follow-up sheet in your certification packet (downloadable on our 7 Chakras Mind & Body private FaceBook group).  Feel free to begin using any of the essential oils (if you choose to buy the sample kit) that feel good to you.  Familiarize yourself with the liberating current Chakra Deck™ cards.

7 Chakras Certification Session 1

An Introduction to Your 7 Chakras