Bodhi Yoga™ Teacher Training Session 4

In Session Four you will learn the language of teaching movement, how to understand and teach using the traditional Sanskrit language of yoga, as well as dip deep into pools of yoga chanting.  You’ll experience the power of yoga to bring emotional healing through movement and the ethics of helping students who experience emotional shifts during class.

Explore new horizons in yoga for becoming a more authentic yoga guide and soulful person, one who inspires the journey of real and lasting emotional courage and well-being, in the lucky students who join in on your teaching.

Let’s begin to find your voice in yoga: Please prepare for this session by viewing Session 4 online classes, making notes to bring great questions and discussion to our in-person session. You will get the most out of Session Four by pre-reading pages 5-36 and review pages 43-53 in Session Four of your manual, reviewing the class 4-03 and 4-04 on Sanskrit and Chant. and reviewing your Bodhi Yoga™ Asana Template on page 154-156 in your manual and your Session 4 laminated Asana sheet .  Try keeping a journal this session to log your own emotions that arise as you do your personal practice and teach students.

Discovering Your Voice, Sanskrit Chant, Emotions of Movement, Teaching Living Movement & Meditation:

YTT Session 4 Example Classes: Ideas for teaching Living Movement and other Yoga Nidra Meditation Classes

Bodhi Living Movement and other Yoga Nidra/meditation yoga classes are great for helping Vata dosha open up supportive healing and inspiration, Pitta dosha get there rebalance intensity and supportive perspective, and Kapha dosha the ability to move deeply into supporting it’s vitality and immunity.

Session 4 Yoga Teacher Training Follow-up:

Once you have completed Session Four of the Bodhi Yoga™ teacher training streaming classes and reading, you will need to complete your Session Four Follow-up and practice teaching feedback forms and place them in the back pocket of your manual, to submit with your certification packet.

Teaching BodhiLiving Movemnt & Meditation:  Teach three people a 30-45 minute class using BodhiLiving Movement, followed by Meditation.  Using emotional guidance in the poses (“open your heart and check-in to see what is there that may need attention”). Begin/End your classes with an “OM”. 

Read the Compendium Articles (Log hours in your Yoga Philosophy & Ethics table in your YTT Completion Packet)“It Starts at Home”  & “The Dark Side of Wellness”in your YTT Manual Compendium.

Review Syl’s Interviews on KJZZ TV  at:

Review Session Five Online Classes at (Log hours in your Yoga Philosophy & Ethics table in your YTT Completion Packet):

Review Session Yoga Journal Article by Ganga White from Session 1:   “Standing on the Shoulders of the Past” and underline the passages meaningful to you.

Complete four blogposts: View Session 1 class 1-08 that shows you how to set up your blog.  If you would rather post to Facebook that is fine too, it just needs to link to  Review class 1-08 for understanding the criteria for your post to count toward certification.