Bodhi Yoga™ Teacher Training Session 5

In Session Five you will learn how to tap into the intuitive yoga teacher inside of YOU, explore
the Energy Healing aspects of yoga, teach specialized classes (including BodhiKids™
and BodhiNatal™ for prenatal and postnatal mommys), and teach a variety
of yoga Meditations and Yoga Nidra practices.

Chart your course for life-long practice, study and teaching of a life-changing yoga and discover your world anew!

Let’s chart your course, moving forward: Please prepare for this session by viewing Session 5 online classes, making notes to bring great questions and discussion to our in-person session.  You will get the most out of Session Five by pre-reading pages 5-26, 35-37, 45 and 49-52 in your manual and reviewing your Bodhi Yoga™ Asana Template on page 154-156 in your manual and looking over your Session 5 laminated Asana Sheet.  Review the Restorative Partner Yoga,  7 Chakras Mind & Body, Soul Weather™ Life-Coach, as well as the QuanTM Holographic Yoga Nidra Facillitaror Certifications.

Charting Your Course, Healers Aspects of Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, Teaching Specialized Classes:

YTT Session 5 Example Classes: Ideas for teaching BodhiSpin Chakra Yoga

Session Five Follow-up: Completing & Submitting Your Certification Packet and Practice Teaching:

Once you have completed Session Five of the Bodhi Yoga™ teacher training, you will need to compile the rest of your certification packet requirements and submit it to Bodhi Yoga™. You will have 18-months following our last class day in you YTT Session to complete your full certification packet. Look for emails announcing the quarterly Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training live webinars with Syl.

pOnce your 200-Hour Certification Packet is complete, make a copy for yourself and mail the original to Bodhi Yoga 2230 N University Parkway Suite 2E Provo Utah 84604 and send us an email to let us know that it is on its way.  PLEASE NOTE:  Do NOT send it with delivery signature required, as we are only at the center during class times and workshops.  Your packet is delivered to a secure mailbox and will be perfectly safe.  You will receive a conformation email upon receipt.  If all is complete in your packet, you can expect your certification award within up to 90 days of your conformation email. Congratulations on choosing to embark on such a great personal journey and set your self apart from the crowd!

Keep in mind that Syl and the Bodhi Yoga staff are available by email:


"Thank you, thank you, for choosing me to guide you on this incredible yogic path. It is my sincere hope that your study with Bodhi Yoga™ will support you the rest of your life in such incredible ways. Sending you every Bodhi Blessing imaginable!" Namaste!