Bodhi Chair Yoga™ Stress Release

Bodhi Chair Yoga™ Stress Release

39 min

Flat bolster


Syl works through a Bodhi Chair Yoga™ stress release practice. This is a good practice for anyone, not just those who need adaptive yoga. Holding stress results in energy build-ups in your mind and body that can prevent you from moving forward with purpose. You may not even realize how significant a block is until you release it.

We release stress by having fun, taking trips, and moving about in our daily lives. Sometimes with long-term stress, or sustained low-grade trauma, energy can build up in the body, and without realizing it we end up self-medicating with long hours on social media, stress eating, outbreaks of frustration and/or anger, breakdowns, and low-grade depression.

This simple chair yoga practice gives you just enough movement you can repeat daily (try it for one week) to maintain healthy living patterns free of stress. This results in feelings of contentment regardless of circumstance.


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